Company History

Innovative Signs, Inc. began about 40 years ago with a 1/4 page display ad in the March/April 1984 issue of Case and Comment, a magazine for legal professionals.

Company president Bart Baker was finishing his final semester at Purdue University, the business was entirely mail-order, and our only product was DuraBronze™ plaques. It's hard to believe, now, but this was well before cell phones, websites, email and even fax machines!

Wearing all the hats, Bart mailed information packets during the week and spent weekends manufacturing plaques in a facility common to the beginnings of most small businesses: A 2-car garage, in his parents' home.

Law firms nationwide, many of which remain customers to this day, reacted enthusiastically to DuraBronze™. Their early orders set the stage for Innovative Signs, Inc. becoming the Professional Plaque Specialists we are today.

With the addition of Cast Bronze and Aluminum plaques in the early ‘90s, Etched metal plaques a short time later, and CNC Machine Engraved plaques in the mid 2000s, our product line expanded yet remained focused on the timeless beauty of metal signage. It wasn’t long before our customers were using these products in all 50 states, several US territories, and a few foreign countries.

Our customer base, originally consisting almost entirely of legal professionals, quickly grew to include professionals from all walks of life, as well as corporations, city and county governments, developers, management companies, educational institutions, churches, historical societies, homeowner’s associations, families seeking memorial plaques, etc.

Most importantly, however, we have retained what is most-important to our customers:

  • You will reach a friendly, helpful designer (not a machine) when calling during business hours.
  • We take the time to listen and understand your unique requirements.
  • You'll receive designs and quotes before you order, at no charge or obligation to purchase.
  • We stand behind your purchase 100%.

This has shaped our business since the beginning, and will continue to shape it in the future, as well.

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