Like many World War II veterans, Bob Brown doesn't consider himself to be a hero. According to his hometown newspaper, the Vevay Reveille Enterprise: "...he sees his military service as a call to duty, a time of his life when he answered the call of his country and proudly served it."

Or, in Bob's own words: "You're just trying to do what they told you to do and do it to the best of your ability. That's all you can do. You got your orders on what to do and you did it."

For service to his country during World War II, Bob was honored with the Audie Murphy Award in Washington, DC. in 2011. These plaques were made to commemorate that event, and feature the story from his hometown newspaper.


Discover Bob's personal, first-hand account of D-Day:

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Alumicolor Plaque - Bob Brown Honored With Audie Murphy Award

Plaque Type: Alumicolor™ on backer panel
Material: Alumicolor™ (anodized aluminum)
Thickness: 1mm Alumicolor™ panel laminated to .25" aluminum backer panel
Border Style: Plain Edge
Back of Plaque: Flat (solid throughout)
Imaging Processes: Inscription is anodized into the surface of each Alumicolor™ panel.
One plaque is full color.
One plaque is grayscale.
Texture on Top Surfaces: Smooth
Unique Features: Background images of flag, airplane, soldier and seal are behind newspaper story.
Discover Bob's personal account of D‑Day:

Read the Story

Designer's Notes:

It would have been very easy to simply use the newspaper's story as it was, and send this plaque off to production. Much too easy, and rather bland. However, after reading Mr. Brown's first-hand account of his D-Day experience, and his other World War II memories, we knew Alumicolor™ was the perfect material for bringing his story to life. It allowed us to place scenes and graphics behind the article, enriching each reader's experience as this story unfolds for them. - Danielle
Bob Brown_Alumicolor™_Military_Plaque

From coming ashore on Omaha Beach and scaling those cliffs, to some interesting memories from his military career, “little old Bob Brown from Indian Creek” had quite a story to tell. Read the text below, and learn what Bob shared with Pat Lanman for this article.

Cal was only 13 years old when he lost his battle with cancer. His legacy: He always cared about others above everything else. That's why his family formed a foundation to grant wishes and provide financial assistance to children fighting cancer. For more information, click this link:

Cal's All-Star Angels Foundation, Inc.


Cal's family didn't have to include his photo on this memorial plaque. However, knowing how much he loved baseball, and how very helpful it would be for everyone to put a face with his name, they decided to include his full-color Little League portrait. Not only does this draw people in for a closer look, it also adds depth and character to Cal's story.

As you can see, the quality of Cal's photo is outstanding. Watch this video to discover the secret behind achieving this level of quality on your memorial plaque:

Etched Zinc Memorial Plaque - Cal Thomas Sutter

Plaque Type: Acid Etched
Material: Zinc
Thickness: 1/8" in raised areas
Border Style: Single Line
Back of Plaque: Flat (solid zinc)
Raised Surfaces: Brushed Satin Zinc (silver)
Recessed Surfaces: Painted (black)
Texture in Recessed Area: Sand texture
Unique Features: Alumicolor panel (5.75" x 7") with full-color image of Cal.

Designer's Notes:

I was very glad such a high-quality photo of Cal was available, because it helped us create a fitting tribute to his courage and his life. It also helps people make the connection between Cal and the foundation that was created in his memory. - Danielle

As I write this note on Christmas morning, I have to tell you: you have given us the best present of the year.

Sawyer's plaque arrived yesterday, on the anniversary of Sawyer's arrival and death. It was eerie, it was heartbreaking, it was uplifting... The plaque is so beautiful, it moved us all to tears. You have created the most perfect memorial we could have asked for, and the timing was incredible: we will be placing it today, on Christmas day.

I will never be able to fully express how much this means to us, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dianne J Thibado - Eagle Bay, New York

This plaque's secret: It tells a story, but it doesn't look like it tells a story (in the long, boring sense of the word).

That's because, from your very first glance, it's colorful, it's professional, and it's inviting. Its very design makes you want to know more.

So you stop, you read it, and you discover everything Dr. Greenawalt and his Foot Levelers company meant to the chiropractic profession and their educational institutions.

Mission accomplished.


Etched Aluminum Professional Plaque - Monte Greenawalt and Foot Levelers

Plaque Type: Etched
Material: Aluminum
Thickness: 3/16" in raised areas
Border Style: Bevel Edge
Back of Plaque: Flat (solid throughout)
Raised Surfaces: Smooth Satin (silver)
Recessed Surfaces: Painted (black)
Texture in Recessed Area: Smooth
Unique Features: Full-color Alumicolor logo, complete with simulated reflection across the top, was added as a separate piece.

Designer's Notes:

One of the first things you notice about this plaque is how rich and colorful it is. Or, is it? Actually, only the logo adds color to the overall presentation, and only one main color was used - blue. Small, descrete touches of professionally-designed color like this can actually make a more professional impression than using color on the entire plaque. - Gary

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