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We absolutely love Innovative Signs, Inc!! They have been one of the most responsive, quality-driven, and dedicated companies that our museum has ever worked with.

The Museum of Biblical Art used the services of your company between 2013-2015, planning and executing a major project - the Via Dolorosa Sculpture Garden in Dallas, Texas. The various bronze donor recognition plaques, and series of sculpture plaques were required to be of excellent quality, with the ability to withstand severe weather - Texas tornadoes, 100+ temperature, freezing rain, and frequent hail storms! They have not only withstood the test of time, but they still look brand new!

In addition, the museum is a non-profit entity needing reasonable pricing. In working with Jeff and the staff of Innovative Signs, we were truly humbled by their dedication to making the project perfect. Their staff caught numerous small, yet significant, proofing errors - saving us thousands of dollars in re-dos. They also worked to give us what discounts they could, while never sacrificing quality!

After delivery of our initial order - we were faced with a dilemma of great magnitude. Due to the request by a major donor - we were required to re-do our entire order (over 25 large bronze plaques) and quickly re-ship in time for our garden dedication. Jeff never complained, but quickly set his team to re-making the plaques. They were able to meet our deadline and we had the beautiful dedication ceremony in May 2015.

In the business of fundraising, it's all about donor satisfaction and honoring those who helped make the project possible. This is the second job at which I've personally had the honor of working with Innovative Signs.

The first project was so well-done, I have since considered us "partners for life" and as long as there is an Innovative Signs - I'll be using your services and no one else!

Patricia Martin, Director, Office of Development, Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas, Texas

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