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Plaque Buying Basics

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What if you had a "road map" of sorts that helped you cut through all the clutter and only focus on the details that will help you achieve that beautiful balance that great plaques tend to have?

What if it could even bring some details to your attention that you may have otherwise overlooked? Well, our Design Team wrote this "road map" to help bring clarity and focus to your project.

Plaque Buying Basics will briefly explain:

  • How to determine the right plaque size.
  • How to keep the overall cost to a minimum.
  • Tips you haven't thought of for proofing your inscription.
  • ...and much more.

"Will it save time, and point me in the right direction?"

While it doesn't solve every problem, and it doesn't walk you through each step of the design process, it does give you an excellent starting point. Consider it a head start of sorts, advising you of some important things to consider along the way - things you may have otherwise overlooked. In other words, it is going to save you time and frustration, so it definitely points you in the right direction.

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